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You can send us a request for a non-urgent transportation of the vehicle via the form below. We will contact you to confirm the order and clarify details of the transportation. Call us at 0400 463 333 to order towing.

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Safety tips in case of a problem on the road:

In case of an accident shut down the vehicle immediately. If you have suitable tools, remove the vehicle’s battery cables to minimize the damage.

If you have refueled wrong type of fuel in your car, turn off your car immediately. If the car’s engine is not used with the wrong fuel more than a moment, the damage can be very small. A longer use of wrong fuel type can cause damages, that require a full replacement of the fuel system.

Call our 24-hour phone 0400 463 333 and tell us about your vehicle and the severity of the problem. Tell us the name of your insurance company and the level of your insurance cover, so we know how to act with your vehicle. On the phone you can agree upon leaving the vehicle to wait for towing, so you do not have to wait for a tow truck, and we will deliver it to the agreed place.