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Jump Start services

We provide 24h urgent technical assistance on the road, if you are in a difficult situation!

Problems with starting the car can be caused by various reasons, the most frequent of which are lack of fuel, problems with the battery or malfunction of the ignition system. Depending on the situation, we can give power to your battery, decide how best to proceed and help to start the engine.

In new cars, feeding the battery through the start cables can damage the sensitive electronics of the car. Even the correct connection of the start cables does not always prevent damage. Thanks to our special professional equipment and skills, we can provide a safe battery power supply, which will not cause any problems with the electronic systems of the car.

In the event of a failed battery or insufficient power, we will help to replace the battery with a new on if necessary.

In case the insurance cover allows, we will contact your insurance company and take the expenses to our-self.